Drywall Installation. What is it, advantages and disadvantages

Drywall Installation. What is it, advantages and disadvantages

When we make the decision to make a reform, many factors influence depending on the type of remodeling, it is possible that we must take into account the use of drywall, either for walls or ceilings.


As we know, there are many factors and it is not always easy to know what the best decision is. At RHR FIX LLC, we offer you specialized attention, as we are a group of expert professionals in remodeling, reparation and maintenance services in Longwood Florida and its surroundings.


The drywall installation system is a type of construction in which the interior wall is applied in a dry condition, using gypsum and fiber cement boards that are attached to a lightweight wood or galvanized steel frame. For many years, it has been used in the United States and due to its multiple advantages, this style of construction has evolved and has been perfected, offering a great alternative for those who decide to reform their urban or commercial property.


In this post we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of using plasterboard installations.




  • Economic

The gypsum panel system is widely used due to its low cost. It is an affordable material that can be used in home renovations and construction.


  • Easy to install

With this system it is possible to have complete walls in just one day, and its finish is very similar to that of any type of traditional wall, it is 5 to 8 times faster to install drywall than traditional methods.


  • Design versatility

Due to its characteristics and its easy installation, drywalls make it possible to create any space.


  • Simple and cheap maintenance

After the panels are installed, they require little maintenance and if needed, it is very easy to repair since only the affected part is replaced, it is a simple and economical process.


  • Less waste

Construction with drywall reduces waste compared to traditional systems, fewer materials must be purchased, the work is done in less time and it generates less waste, that is, less debris. A much cleaner build process.


  • Ecological

By having less waste and saving in materials and water, you help care with the environment.


Although it has many advantages, it is also important to specify its disadvantages, among which are:



  • It is not as resistant to water as traditional construction systems, but it is important to clarify that plasterboard has evolved and now there are panels that are much more resistant to water.


  • They do not last as long as the traditional system.


  • It does not have structural function, which means that it does not support the weight of the structure.


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